The Best Top 3 Different Type Eyelash Curler

With hundreds of beauty product on the market, picking the right one can be a challenge for any women. Here i would share my experience and review about top 3 lash curler. There are different type of lash curler not just them brand. There are few type of lash curler. Here i want to share a 3 different type of the best eyelash curler, the best traditional clamps eyelash curler, the best heated eyelash curler and the best eyelash curler for sensitive eye.

Best Traditional Clamp Eyelash Curler

I’m going to start with the traditional clamps eyelash curler. The best traditional clamp eyelash curler is from the Space NK metal eyelash curler. If you haven’t use them, it quite frighten in the first time but it quite easy to use actually. First, just look at yourself in the mirror. Place it over the eyelash and squeeze down to trap the lashes. Just check if it comfortable for the first time you used it. The trick with this is do not just squeeze once, but actually pump the eyelashes up and down. Always used the clamp eyelash curler before you put a mascara. If u used it after you put a mascara, you got a kind risk of bracken you lashes. Just pump it up and down to the root and do that for 30 second. Then you put a little bit of mascara over the top. Finish and your lashes look lovely.

Best Heated Eyelash Curler

The next one i got is the heated eyelash curler. The best heated eyelash curler is from the ModelCo heated lash wand. The thing is about the heated eyelash curler, that it needs to be used after you put mascara. The heated eyelash curler isn’t a clamp. It doesn’t clamp the lashes together. It just used heated to curl your eyelash. It is quiet easy to use for the first time user actually. Before you used it, apply your lashes with the mascara first. Then look down and put the heated eyelash curler over your lashes. All you going to do are just touch the root of your lashes with it. Don't worry about the heat, because it not hot enough to burn your skin. What it does do is, it work with conjunction with the mascara and almost setting your mascara into a curl. Very fantastic tools for people that a little bit of afraid to the clamp curler. Just do it for 30 second and you done. Very safe and your lashes look amazing.

Best Eyelash Curler For Sensitive Eye

The last one is the eyelash curler for sensitive eye. I recommend the Ruby and Millie eyelash curler because it made from plastic. A lot of people are allergic to metal and if you are allergic to metal you really need to go for plastic variety. It is the same way as you used the traditional clamp eyelash curler. Just place it over the eyelash and squeeze it up and down to the root. So, there you are the best top 3 eyelash curler. 

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